Stock List

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MetalAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight
Aluminum1100 H140.0620
Aluminum2024 H130.1520
Aluminum5056 H320.0910
Aluminum5052 H320.1180
MetalAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight

MetalAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.058179
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.084 1/4 HD3118
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.094 1/4 HD1845
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.102 1/4 HD5354
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.105 1/4 HD1352
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.113 1/4 HD1792
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.117 1/4 HD2435
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.119 1/4 HD5038
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI.123 1/4 HD4057
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI.128 1/4 HD1690
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.141 1/4 HD2677
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.152 1/4 HD12988
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.180 1/4 HD3069
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.186 1/4 HD1131
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.194 1/4 HD702
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.218 1/2 HD5192
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.221 1/4 HD9295
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.242 1/4 HD2387
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.266 1/4 HD1761
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.266 1/2 HARD8301
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.299 1/4 HD1359
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.313 1/4 HD5720
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.350 1/4 HD15436
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.365 1/4 HD2130
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.406 1/4 HD6879
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.430 1/4 HARD2136
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.430 1/2 HD5384
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.440 1/4 HD7941
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.490 1/4 HD0
Copper102 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.540 1/2 HD5008
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI.064 1/2 HARD0
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI.084 1/4 HARD3118
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI.094 1/4 HARD1845
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.102 1/4 HD5354
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.105 1/4 HD1352
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.113 1/4 HD1792
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.117 1/4 HD2435
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.141 1/4 HD2677
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.186 1/4 HD1131
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.221 1/4 HD9295
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.299 1/4 HD1359
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.313 1/4 HARD5720
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.350 1/4 HARD15436
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.365 1/4 HARD2130
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.406 1/4 HD6879
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.440 1/4 HARD7941
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.152 1/4 HD12988
Copper110 CHQ 37 44 KSI0.540 1/2 HARD5008
Copper110 Bar.125 X .125 SEH20
Copper110 Bar.125 X 1.125 SEH21025
Copper110 Bar.125 X .622 SEH2086
Copper110 Bar.125 x .750 RE H623542
Copper110 Bar.125 x .750 SE H40
Copper110 Bar.125 x .750 SE H62165
Copper110 Bar.125 x .750 TP H20
Copper110 Bar.187 x 1.00 TPSE H418912
Copper110 Bar.187 X 1.125 SEH40
Copper110 Bar.187 x 1.50 TPSE1100
Copper110 Bar.1875 x .875 SE H47611
Copper110 Bar.188 x .100 SE H42059
Copper110 Bar.188 x 1.125 RE H611149
Copper110 Bar.188 X 1.2500
Copper110 Bar.188 x 1.750 REH0
Copper110 Bar.188 x 2.50 RE H20
Copper110 Bar.250 X .100 TPS2280
Copper110 Bar.250 X .100 SEH18661
Copper110 Bar.250 X .1625 FREH28991
Copper110 Bar.250 X .149 SEH5692
Copper110 Bar.250 X .1625 SEH672
Copper110 Bar.250 X 1.125 SEH1047
Copper110 Bar.250 x 1.25 SE H42247
Copper110 Bar.250 x 1.50 TPSE H47961
Copper110 Bar.250 X 200 FREH10627
Copper110 Bar.250 X 200 TPSE568
Copper110 BAR250. x 200 SEH41071
Copper110 Bar.250 x 3.00 TPSE H41782
Copper110 Bar.250 x 400 TPSE3214
Copper110 Bar.250 X 4 TPFRE0
Copper110 Bar.250 X 400 SE H042040
Copper110 Bar.250 x 6 TPFRE0
Copper110 Bar.312 X 1.105 SEH822
Copper110 Bar.375 x 1.00 TPSE H41149
Copper110 Bar.375 X 1.50 SE H41488
Copper110 Bar.375 X 175 SEH1076
Copper100 Bar.375 X 200 Se H6484
Copper110 Bar.375 X 2 FREH011376
Copper110 Bar.375 X 400 SEH1269
MetalAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight

MetalAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.0501788
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.0571897
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.064686
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.072671
Brass260 HARD TEMPER.0800
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.084382
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.0881541
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.091352
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.0931992
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.0951424
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1050
Brass260 HARD TEMPER0.1050
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1142532
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1183126
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ.1200
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1251905
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1281114
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1316074
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1394907
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1400
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1450
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.14830049
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1524171
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.15815363
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1661446
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1734275
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1804383
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ.1833136
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1857224
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1881500
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1983340
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.2100
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.2124833
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ.2140
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.22110084
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.2272597
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ.2422968
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.2461724
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.2710
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.279512
Brass260 1/2 HARD CHQ.280670
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.3052805
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.3186578
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.3284688
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.3402354
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.3661443
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.388352
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.447990
Brass260 1/8 HARD CHQ0.54710706
Brass260 1/4 HARD CHQ0.0491250
Brass260 1/4 HARD CHQ.064780
Brass260 1/4 HARD CHQ0.1392664
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ.0841021
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.086972
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.088205
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.0941229
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1172029
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1231002
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1291049
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1334142
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1393771
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1413677
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1440
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1481661
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1522087
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1583960
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1620
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1661438
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1803482
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.1872103
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.2127790
Brass270 1/8 HARD CHQ0.2423388
Brass270 1/4 HARD CHQ0.057471
Brass270 1/4 Hard CHQ.1140
Brass270 1/4 HARD CHQ0.14425457
Brass260 1/2 HARD CHQ0.0641009
Brass260 1/2 HARD CHQ0.091444
Brass260 1/2 HARD CHQ0.1870
Brass260 1/2 HARD CHQ0.2500
Brass260 1/2 HARD CHQ0.3110
Brass270 1/2 HARD CHQ0.3421355
MetalAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight

Metal TypeAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight
Silicon Bronze6510.114 1/4 hd1148
Silicon Bronze6510.139 1/2 hd3892
Silicon Bronze6510.145 1/4 hd570
Silicon Bronze6510.158 1/2 hd754
Silicon Bronze6510.166 1/2 hd1770
Silicon Bronze6510.178 1/2 hd 4146
Silicon Bronze6510.183 1/2 hd4873
Silicon Bronze6510.212 1/4 hd9367
Silicon Bronze6510.221 1/2 hd2825
Silicon Bronze651.271 1/2 HD527
Silicon Bronze651.328 1/2 HD2123
Silicon Bronze651.350 1/2 HD4157
Silicon Bronze651.364 1/4 HD5829
Metal TypeAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight

MetalAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.0721898
stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.0822781
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.0947878
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.10010683
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1051475
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1104343
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1133660
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1173098
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1183106
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.11913190
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1224977
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.123341
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.12515593
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1318558
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1394714
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1513656
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1585219
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1665388
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1680
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.17614639
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.18012160
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.1820
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.18820406
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.19822464
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.2001203
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.20482
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.212246
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.21511595
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.2221244
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.22822981
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.2360
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.2421881
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.24610531
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.25527278
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.2725526
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.2790
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.2855254
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.291395
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.3153012
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.3284711
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.3320
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.3460
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.35011979
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.3853800
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.3870
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.4680
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Coat0.5450
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.0401448
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.0533259
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.0602441
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.0825615
Stainless Steel302HQ UnCoated0.0830
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.0856779
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.0900
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.0994962
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1020
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1036529
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1057688
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1105638
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.11820419
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1212062
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1232054
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.12510032
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1289727
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1304221
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1310
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1326043
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.14012125
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.14311448
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.14412331
Stainless Steel302 HQ Non Metallic0.1480
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1513568
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.152601
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1584721
Stainless Steel302 HQ Non Metallic0.160912
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1620
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1668616
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1705119
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.17312628
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.18020493
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1829673
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1863024
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1889700
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.1920
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2000
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2039619
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.21213767
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2142911
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2151705
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.21815064
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2217817
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2257587
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2269301
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.24225773
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2430
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2443383
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.24619504
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2490
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2556933
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2701788
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2811592
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2883193
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.2911746
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.3055385
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.3283386
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.3320
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.3461949
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.3681351
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.3901090
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.4530
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.46012296
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.4747115
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.5150
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.5455291
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.5910
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.6851073
Stainless Steel302HQ Non Metallic0.6920
Stainless Steel305 Copper Coat0.123808
Stainless Steel305 Copper Coat0.2420
Stainless Steel305 Copper Coat0.2470
Stainless Steel305 Non Metallic0.0530
Stainless Steel305 Non Metallic0.1230
Stainless Steel305 Non Metallic0.1340
Stainless Steel305 Non Metallic0.1460
Stainless Steel305 Non Metallic0.1710
Stainless Steel316 Copper Coat0.1803684
Stainless Steel316 Copper Coat0.2650
Stainless Steel316 Copper Coat0.3500
Stainless Steel316 Copper Coat0.411514619
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.031977
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.0352233
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.0404440
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.0484260
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.0561590
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.0652562
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.076331
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.0781120
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.0841017
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.085678
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.0953274
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1022445
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1211063
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1241596
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1271500
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1342036
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.13917910
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1492938
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1521846
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1531086
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1555058
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1599505
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1662515
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1710
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1731732
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.1762764
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.2121867
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic.2161130
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.2426052
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.2703306
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.3125678
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.3321913
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.343126
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.3660
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.3940
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.4604721
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.4741490
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.5150
Stainless Steel316 Non Metallic0.5452775
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.071215
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.1050
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.11013291
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.1154216
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.1183902
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.1285100
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.1329237
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.13910414
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.1475105
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.1522156
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.15813077
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.1664614
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.1700
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.17615113
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.1884072
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.2125619
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.2263424
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.2420
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.2550
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.2787275
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.2859398
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.305921
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.3142103
Stainless Steel410 Copper Coat0.3504206
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.091985
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1130
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1152296
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1320
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1370
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1390
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1420
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1550
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1580
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1660
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1850
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1870
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1880
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1900
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1920
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.1940
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.203668
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.242988
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.253712
Stainless Steel410 Non Metallic0.3001026
Stainless Steel420 Copper Coat0.133310
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.057420
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.0841478
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.1060
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.1170
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.1400
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.1483007
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.1660
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.18027673
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.183112
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.1840
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.2006869
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.205821
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.2116828
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.2224868
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.24220949
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.273672
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.3210
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.3284917
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.41151932
Stainless Steel430 Copper Coat0.4790
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.057356
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.1135596
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.1185443
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.1242029
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.1402981
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.1501869
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.1804262
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.212512
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.2420
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.2892595
Stainless Steel430 Non Metallic0.3284552
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.1053569
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.1100
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.1324579
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.1480
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.1583334
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.1766509
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.2122231
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.2288315
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.24213324
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.2795560
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.3061298
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.33510999
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.3665258
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.4192617
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.4226302
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.4928437
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.5503868
Stainless Steel302HQ Copper Moly0.640480
Stainless Steel305 Copper Moly0.1330
Stainless Steel410 Copper Moly0.1621513
Stainless Steel410 Copper Moly0.1760
Stainless Steel410 Copper Moly0.4530
Stainless Steel304 Copper Coat0.101283
Stainless Steel304 Copper Coat0.118893
Stainless Steel304 Copper Coat0.2650
Stainless Steel304 Copper Coat0.3350
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.028161
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.031170
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.0351929
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.0405897
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.0484532
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.0564416
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.0593289
stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.0600
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.0658612
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.0761808
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.084785
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.0952603
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.1054009
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.1030
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.1102138
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.1213520
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.1300
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.1340
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.1410
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.1871010
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.250700
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.3120
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.3431179
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.413739
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.420274
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.5001458
Stainless Steel304 Non Metallic0.5310
Stainless Steel316 Copper Moly0.1051382
Stainless Steel316 Copper Moly0.1241047
Stainless Steel316 Copper Moly0.1481124
Stainless Steel316 Copper Moly0.1520
Stainless Steel316 Copper Moly0.1762521
Stainless Steel316 Copper Moly0.2282798
Stainless Steel304 Copper Moly0.1101443
Stainless Steel304 Copper Moly0.2040
Stainless Steel304 Copper Moly0.4060
Stainless Steel304 Copper Moly0.4381073
Stainless Steel302HQ Rod Non Met.218 (5.5 MM)6173
Stainless Steel302HQ Rod Non Met.256 (6.5 MM)2438
Stainless Steel302HQ Rod UnCoated.2560
Stainless Steel302HQ Rod Copper Coat0.236 (6mm)350
Stainless Steel302HQ Rod Non Met0.295 (7.5MM)0
Stainless Steel302HQ Rod Non Met0.3150
Stainless Steel302HQ Rod Non Met0.354 (9MM)6195
Stainless Steel302HQ Rod Non Met0.374 (9.5mm)13546
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.218 (5.5mm)4930
Stainless Steel304L Rod UnCoated.218 (5.5mm)7635
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.236 (6mm)0
Stainless Steel304L Uncoated.2360
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.256 (6.5mm)0
Stainless Steel304L Uncoated.2560
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met.2701956
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.276 (7mm)0
Stainless Steel304L Uncoated0.2760
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.295 (7.5mm)0
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.315 (8MM)20152
Stainless Steel304L Rod Uncoated.315 (8MM)0
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.335 (8.5mm)2585
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.354 (9mm)3919
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.374 (9.5mm)1306
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.394 (10mm)0
Stainless Steel304L Rod Non Met0.413 (10.5mm)0
Stainless Steel316L Rod Non Met.2184664
Stainless Steel316L Rod UnCoated.2180
Stainless Steel316L Rod Non Met.2561726
Stainless Steel316L Rod UnCoated.2564294
Stainless Steel316L Rod UnCoated.27611893
Stainless Steel316L Rod Non Met.2768074
Stainless Steel316L Rod Uncoated.3746433
Stainless Steel430 Rod Non Met0.256708
Stainless Steel410 Rod Non Met.2180
Stainless Steel410 Rod Non Met0.295 (7.5mm)0
Stainless Steel410 Rod Uncoated0.2950
Stainless Steel410 Rod Non Met0.354 (9mm)6775
Stainless Steel410 Rod Copper Coat.3540
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.0801100
Stainless Steel304 1/8 HARD EPQ0.093551
Stainless Steel304 1/8 HARD EPQ0.1253426
Stainless Steel304 1/8 HARD EPQ0.1880
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.0620
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.0883313
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.0919772
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.10514328
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.12013137
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.1354989
Stainless Steel304 1/4 Hard EPQ.1414719
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.156593
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ.162914
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.1770
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ.1860
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.1870
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.1921756
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.2075133
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.2156191
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.2185777
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.25017156
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.2720
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.2952330
Stainless Steel304 1/4 HARD EPQ0.30616985
Stainless Steel304 1/4 Hard EPQ.3120
stainless Steel304 1/2 HARD EPQ.0410
Stainless Steel304 1/2 HARD EPQ0.1418845
Stainless Steel304 1/2 HARD EPQ.1860
Stainless Steel304 1/2 HARD EPQ0.1870
Stainless Steel304 1/2 HARD EPQ0.2500
Stainless Steel316 1/4 Hard EPQ.1205313
Stainless Steel316 1/4 Hard EPQ.1620
Stainless Steel410 Rod Copper Coat0.3540
MetalAlloy TypeProduct SizeWeight

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